Mortgage news and helpful tips

Mortgage rate roller coaster.

We all know that When it comes to mortgages and the word "rates", everyone gets nervous and wonders if they got the best deal. So Valley West Mortgage has taken some time to research the best ways to approach a mortgage and a broker. These are very simple minded idea's that tend to get over […]

Pay off a 15 year mortgage loan in less than 10 years

Las Vegas - Record Setting rates reported by CNN MONEY CNN Money reports that the average 30 year fixed mortgage fell to 3.94%. These rates compare to the record setting rates we saw in early October. At the same time, the 15 year fixed mortgage fell to 3.21%, and the Five-year adjustable rate mortgages also […]

Why should you use a Las Vegas Mortgage Broker instead of going to a bank?

Las Vegas, Nv Below is an excerpt from a letter to President Obama. This letter was sent to him by the National Association of Mortgage Professionals (NAMB) of which, we are a proud member. " The Georgetown University study stated that Mortgage Brokers saved borrowers thousands of dollars when it came to their mortgage needs. […]

Valley West Mortgage Adds Android and BlackBerry Application

Las Vegas - Download the Valley West Mortgage Application! Thanks to the wonderful folks at JOEMOBI & The amazing team at WordPress, Valley West Mortgage now has an Android & BlackBerry Application where all of our site viewers friends on Facebook and Twitter can stay up to date with what is happening with our company, […]

Mortgage Rates are at their Lowest, Arguably

When talking about the "Lowest Rate Possible" a strong, two sided debate always takes place. We have heard this argument take place, many times both sides make equal and valid points to their case. Either way, Valley West Mortgage is here to tell you some of the details involved with the phrase "Lowest Rates Ever!". […]

Las Vegas City Council Passes Home Upkeep Ordinance to all Lenders.

Las Vegas, Nv - The Las Vegas City Council has passed a new ordinance that requires lenders to upkeep their properties on foreclosed homes in holding, or face some pretty steep penalties. If you are looking to buy a home in Las Vegas, Nv, you have probably driven through some neighborhoods that are pretty impressive, […]

Loan Officers should always give you Contact Information

Weither you are a First Time Home buyer or an experienced Home Buyer, Dealing with a Local Mortgage Broker can be frustrating at times. Your point of contact with a Mortgage Company like Valley West Mortgage is always going to be through the Loan Officer. Loan Officers are defiantly a breed of their own, in […]

Three Google Stock Shares equals One Ounce of Gold

Did you know.... That today Google Closed at 599.39, up +16.46 (2.82%) in the NASDAQ. The Price of One Ounce of Gold is $1,747.80. I'll even through in the price of Platinum per ounce is $1,560.00. That means that if you had 3 shares in Google Stock they would equal a little more then an […]

Qualifying for an FHA or VA loan date extended.

Great news to anyone interested in qualifying for an FHA or VA loan. President Barack Obama that reinstates the higher loan limits until December 31st, 2013. The president did not provide his extension to the Power Houses known as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. FHA and GSE maximum has been at $625,500 since October 1, […]

Third Quarter hurts Freddie Mac.

Freddie Mac sold fewer homes in the third quarter then they have earlier in the year. Freddie Mac being one half of the Lending Powerhouse Team, sold more than 25,300 repossessed homes in the third quarter, down 13.5% from the nearly 30,000 in the previous three months. It was also a 17% decline from the […]

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