Loan Officers should always give you Contact Information

December 7, 2011
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Weither you are a First Time Home buyer or an experienced Home Buyer, Dealing with a Local Mortgage Broker can be frustrating at times. Your point of contact with a Mortgage Company like Valley West Mortgage is always going to be through the Loan Officer. Loan Officers are defiantly a breed of their own, in a good way. We can vouch for that. Having a solid line of communication with that loan officer is the key ingredient when you apply for a home mortgage loan. Whether you use Email, Cell Phones, or the good old fashions Fax Line, A loan officer should always be able to communicate.

When you talk to a Loan Officer with any company, you should always ask for a few minor details. All should be answered with out hesitation if they are in fact a real loan officer. It's like asking someone for their ID at a bar. Very simple task for anyone over the age of 21. The same rules apply to Loan Officers.

SO what do you ask for?

When talking with your professional loan officer you may ask for a few certain details to prove the L.O.'s authenticity and the same for their company. Here is a short list of some of the things you could ask a loan officer for. Our Very Own Senoir Loan Officer, Jeff Gonzalez provided us with this list.

  • A copy of the loan officers License
  • A copy of the loan officers Company License
  • The Loan Officer NMLS and State License Number
  • A Link to the MLD.NV.GOV website.
  • A link to the NMLS website.


All of these items are very easy for a loan officer to obtain and provide at a clients simple request. A failure to provide the following information should result in you or anyone else shopping around for another Mortgage Company like Valley West Mortgage.

Valley West Mortgage wants all of our clients to provide all of the information needed to start a loan with our company. The same goes with any one of our professional Loan Officers providing any client with the information they need to make the best choices possible. Contact Valley West Mortgage today to talk with Senior Loan Officer J. Anthony Romero, or any of other Qualified Loan Officers. Tel: (702) 696-9900 | FAXL (702) 436-2400.

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