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What Are the Four C’s of Credit? How Lenders Qualify You for a Mortgage

There’s no doubt that one of the most important and often daunting steps in the homebuying process is qualifying for a mortgage. By understanding what lenders look for - the four C’s of credit - you can set yourself up for success and a smooth-sailing mortgage underwriting process. So, if you’re currently renting an apartment […]

What are the benefits of Mortgage Refinancing? Shares Valley West Mortgage, a 2022 ThreeBestRated® award-winning Mortgage lender company from Las Vegas, Nevada

If you’ve got a mortgage, it’s certainly bound to be one of your significant financial commitments. Professionals like Vatche Saatdjian, President/CEO of Valley West Mortgage, expect mortgage rates to rise slightly due to inflation, and Fed tightening, and also believe the market will continue to expand this year, although at a slower pace (thanks to […]

Mortgage Rates April 27, 2020

Mortgage Headliners:  Getting Answers...Should I delay my mortgage payment... Homeowners with federal loans won’t have to pay lump sum after pausing payments Coronavirus related forbearance requests still on the rise… The housing industries response to the corona virus… Nearly 10% of FHA and VA borrowers are in forbearance. Total forbearance nearing 7%... We’re watching the […]

Coronavirus-FHA 680 FICO

Things are moving so quickly in the market with the coronavirus being at the forefront, everyone is feeling hardship across the board. FHA Loans provides mortgage insurance on loans made by FHA-approved lenders throughout the United States and its territories.  It is one of the largest insurers of mortgages in the world, insuring more than […]

Mortgage Rates March 17, 2020

Mortgage Headliners:  Economist predicting emergency rate cut this week… Negative Interest Rates Unlikely… Coronavirus economic package in full... Trump is considers letting homeowners delay mortgage payments... We’re watching the market closely… If you’re in the market to purchase or refinance give us a call today (888) 931-9444 or (702) 696-9900

Mortgage Rates March 16,2020

Mortgage Headliners:  Mortgage stress test changes suspended… Why you can't get that historically low mortgage rate… Coronavirus sends mortgage rates lower… Mortgage investors cheer as Federal reserve starts… Fed funds rate pinned at zero… Keep your eyes on stock news… Preparing for Recession… We’re watching the market closely… If you’re in the market to purchase or refinance give us […]

Mortgage Rates March 12, 2020

Mortgage Headliners:  A flood of mortgage applications drive rates higher... How the coronavirus outbreak is moving mortgage… Mortgage rates rise sharply from last week's record low… Mortgage rates are mixed after hitting all-time lows… Mortgage demand is so high that lenders turn away… Coronavirus looms over crucial spring season for housing… Bonds are responding… We're […]

Mortgage Rates March 11, 2020

Mortgage Headliners:  Mortgage applications increase over 55%... Refinance applications surge to decade high... Plunging mortgage rates might not end U.S. Housing... Mortgage rates rising at fastest place… The US should suspend mortgage and rent payments… The banks are back in residential mortgages… U.S. mortgage lenders urge customers to ask about forbearance… Lock Recommended If you’re […]

Mortgage Rates March 5, 2020

Mortgage Headliners:  Mortgage rates are plunging, but will coronavirus... US mortgage rates sink to a record low on COVID-19 fears... Long-term mortgage rates tumble to record low... 30-year rate falls to record low... Mortgage rates hit a new record low, and they might keep falling... Mortgage rates dip to lowest point record... Wow! Mortgage rates […]

Home Repairs or Replacement?

Being a home owner is often a rewarding experience. Homes need to be continually cared for, and everything inside has a lifespan. Understanding this will ensure their replacement doesn't put you in a bind. Windows 8-40 years Old, out-of-date windows aren't merely an aesthetic problem — they can also lead to higher energy bills. Over time, […]

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