What is a VA Mortgage Loan?

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) guarantees home loans. Veterans who qualify for a VA mortgage loan must obtain a Certificate of Eligibility (COE). Determinations of eligibility are based on the length of service and are issued to veterans who were not discharged dishonorably.

What are the requirements for a VA Mortgage Loan?

Although there are a few exemptions, including exemptions for veterans with disabilities, most VA mortgage loan includes a funding fee, which the veteran can finance. The funding fee ranges from 0.50% to 3.30%, depending on what type of loan the veteran is obtaining and whether it is his/her first time use of loan eligibility or a subsequent use:

Some Guidelines are as follows:

  • May include Funding fee from ranges of 0.50% – 3.30% of the loan value.
  • Cannot be charged a 1% flat origination fee and reasonable discount points.
  • Veteran is required to occupy the subject property as his or her primary residence, however VA loans are assumable.
  • No Maximum loan amounts, (loan size can be limited by transaction types.)

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