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Finances, Finances, Finances

3 Financial Problems We All Face Handling money is a challenge for everyone. Whether we admit it or not, making money and saving it is a hard thing to do. Most Americans live the paycheck to paycheck cycle, only having enough money to last them until they get paid again. In this article, we’ll recognize […]

Escrow Account Information You May Not Know

One of the terms that is often used in the mortgage business, especially during the closing of a mortgage loan is “Escrows” or “Escrow Account”. An escrow account, sometimes called an impound account, allows you to pay the homeowners insurance and property taxes on your home. It’s important that your taxes are paid on time […]

Super Moms

If you’re a single mom considering buying a home, you’re not alone. According to a study conducted by the National Association of Realtors, single women are more than twice as likely to purchase a home than single men. In late 2016, 16% of homebuyers consisted of single moms. Only 7% of buyers were single men. […]

What's Hiding in the Basement?

If you’ve seen recent horror movies like The Conjuring, The Forrest, and The Collector or even more dated movies like Scream from the 90s, or Psycho from the 60s, you’d probably never venture down into the basement for fear of the unspeakable terrors that could be awaiting you within the bowels of your home. Television […]

The Analytics on Appraisals

The Analytics on Appraisals What is an Appraisal? An appraisal is a document provided by an appraiser (the person who conducts the appraisal report) that provides a professional estimate of the value of your home. Appraisals are conducted by a third-party appraiser who is completely objective in their process. Appraisers do not work in favor […]

More Pros with the Rate Hikes

Our last few articles have been on the impact that the oncoming rise in interest rates from the Federal Reserve will have on the general public, and more specifically how it will impact those who are in the market for purchasing and refinancing. Janet Yellen has openly stated that a change from the Fed is […]

Inflation and Our Economy

How Inflation Impacts our Economy Our economy is doing better than it has done in a long time. As more and more people in the US are finding work, the unemployment rate is steadily dropping. This is great for the economy of our country as people and businesses are buying, selling, and trading and in […]

Mortgage Rate Hikes Are On Its Way

If you’re into literature, you know that shortly before his death Julius Caesar was told to “Beware the Ides of March”, and if there were any soothsayers around today, they’d probably be telling us the same thing right about now in relation to mortgage rates. We’re just slightly over a week into this month and […]

More News on the Rate Hikes

The big question in the mortgage industry is when the rates are going to go up. There’s been talks about it being in March which may be the truth. The Federal reserve is looking to raise its benchmark interest rate this month as long as the economic data remains strong. The Federal Reserve has hinted […]

Interest Rates Are On The Rise!

The Federal Reserve is expecting to raise interest rates as soon as March of this year. The new Presidential Administration team occupying the White House is expecting a continued growth in the US Economy that has previously flourished as a result of the Obama Administration. They expect that our new President will invoke more jobs, […]

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