The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

April 17, 2017
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One of the most widely known collections of children’s stories ever written is the book of Aesop’s Fables. Aesop’s fables are a collection of simple fairytales that give life lessons to children through the art of storytelling and if your parents read you Aesop’s fables as a kid, you’ve heard the charming story of the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse.  This touching story tells of two mice, cousins as the story goes, one who lived in the city and one who lived in the country. By the end of the story, the readers learn a valuable lesson about appreciating the environment that they live in.

As humans, we know that there are several choices to make when it comes to choosing a living environment for our families. The difficulty comes when trying to make the right choice. At Valley West Mortgage, we conduct business in over a third of the states in the country, so needless to say, our borrowers have lots of options.

City Life

Living in the city almost always means that you’re living in close proximity to restaurants, cafes and shopping centers. Businesses that operate in the city are also known to stay open later which is convenient for people whose work hours aren’t the typical 9-5. Cities are also always changing with new construction and rerouting to improve and expand the city. Las Vegas is a great example of a city that’s always under construction. We’re always taking out the old and putting in the new to keep our city looking modern and appealing. Statistically, homes also appreciate more quickly in the city because of all of the construction that goes on. Homes in Las Vegas that are near the new site of the coming Raiders Stadium will likely be more valuable once the stadium is complete because residents will be so close to our new NFL Team. Cities are almost always home to large attractions and tourist centers so there’s always some kind of activity to do. Last but not least, transport is something that’s definitely more abundant in the city than in the suburbs. Busses often run on a 10-15 minute schedule to accommodate the amount of people that use public transportation. Cab and Uber drivers are also always only a few minutes away. There are some cons to living in the city though. All of that transportation means that there’s traffic and in big cities like Los Angeles, there’s a more than enough to go around. Attractions and tourist centers means lots of tourists and lots of hustle and bustle around the city, which means a lot of noise. Construction around the city means longer commutes and plenty of detours around developing areas.


Suburban Life

Living in the suburbs comes with more free space for developing your home. City homes are often smaller in comparison and lack yard space because of the need to accommodate so many people in a set number of square miles. In the suburbs, you have more freedom to expand your territory in and outside of the house. It’s also quieter in the suburbs. Residents have the flexibility of living further away from their neighbors so a lot of the busy sounds of city are eliminated. If you’re a pet owner, your pets and your children are probably safer in the suburbs as well. Less people equals less crime and less traffic. In the suburbs, you’re more likely to know the people in your neighborhood because people stick around longer, unlike in the city where people move more often. This one’s a longshot but we’ll throw it in for good measure. Have you ever thought about your health as a factor when deciding between the city and the suburbs? Less traffic means less stress on your morning and afternoon commutes to and from work. Lowering stress increases life expectancy and heart health. The food you eat from a local farmer’s market in the suburbs is probably more likely to have a higher nutritional value than the produce you’ll buy from the larger stores in the city that have gone through a few states before actually reaching the destination. Better quality food develops a healthier body. Also, less people equates to less pollution and breathing clean air is important for the health of our lungs.

No matter where you live, there will always be pros and cons. City life is thought to be more suitable for younger people who are always on the go. Suburban life is said to be better equipped for families and pets who need space and stability. Whether you’re a country mouse or a town mouse we’re confident you’ll decide on an amazing place to call home.




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