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Mortgage Rates Feb 27, 2020

Mortgage Headliners:  Low mortgage rates drive housing market... Falling rates could boost mortgages ahead... Housing to Get a Jolt with virus pushing down mortgage... US Mortgage Rates Decline; 30-year loan... Corona virus could push mortgage rates to all-time lows... Virus fears push mortgage rates even lower... Mortgage origination hit new highs... Lock Recommended If you're […]

Inspections and the Inspector

An important part of purchasing a home, aside from the financial considerations, is a home inspection. We've provided is a general list of what to expect and what to look out for. The Inspector You need to vet the inspector just as you would with a contractor. Request license- A professional inspector should always carry […]

Hiring a Contractor For Your Home

Avoiding a renovation nightmare. If you're planning your next renovation/build or this is your first go, choosing top contractors for your project is critical. Step 1-Vetting a Contractor Properly Licensed- You can check with your local contractors board (Nevada State Contractors Board). Properly Insured - Request a certificate of insurance for the contractor as well […]

Lifting a Credit Freeze

Un-Freezing Your Credit Report Freezing your credit won't hurt your score, but it will keep an identity thief from opening new accounts in your name which is a good thing. Keep in mind when purchasing a home or refinancing you will need to "Un-Freeze" your reports with the credit bureaus. When a mortgage lender pulls […]

3 Loan Documents You Should Know

Three Loan Documents You’ll Want to Know   Buying a new home (or refinancing your current home) is a process that requires quite a bit of paperwork. Thankfully, all of the paperwork isn’t thrown at you at once, instead it comes in stages. At each milestone of the loan process (beginning with disclosures and ending […]

Preparing for Your First Mortgage

Buying a house is not something you should do without some good financial knowledge and advice. Your first mortgage should be thoroughly thought out and well planned. Now that you’re thinking of purchasing a home, use the next 12-18 months or so to prepare yourself. Prepare Your Credit Early Houses are not cheap. In order […]

Loan Basics

What is a Loan? An amount that you borrow and agree to repay under specific terms. Usually a formal agreement, loans involve two parties: the borrower and the lender. The contract specifies the terms and conditions of the loan, and once you sign, you are legally obligated to adhere to it. Before pursuing and taking […]

The History of Modern Mortgages

In today’s economy, we know a mortgage as a financial agreement made between a borrower and a bank to purchase a home. Houses typically cost more than a person can pay for out of pocket and/or all at once. Since banking institutions have the means to make large purchases, they can give you a loan […]

How Prepared Are You?

Buying a home can be a challenging experience for first-timers. Here are some mortgage tips to help get you started. Start saving for a down payment early It's quite common to put 20% down, but many lenders will now permit a much lesser percentage, and first-time buyers programs allow as little as 3% down. Putting […]

Don't Be Overwhelmed With Paperwork

We know with any purchase process gathering all of the necessary documents can be quite hassle even for the most organized. All lenders want and need detailed information about your finances to determine if you quality for a home loan. We've provided a basic list that can help assist with this daunting task. Keep in […]