The 5 best review websites for the mortgage industry.

March 11, 2015
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In the last 8 years, reviews have become one of the major deciding factors in choosing whether to use a company and their services. Five great examples of service based review websites include Yelp, Angie's List, Zillow, Lending Tree and obviously Google. In the mortgage and real estate industry, Zillow and Lending Tree are the major review sites for clients to give their opinion. Reviews are a great way to inform other individuals about the experiences you had with a specific company. It's like asking for advice, except this time you're asking 200+ people instead of your close group of friends and family. It's also a possible way to make new friends.

At Valley West Mortgage, we value the voice and opinion of every client / borrower that we do business with. From just answering questions about the average home buying experience to asking about the best mortgage rate offered today. It's in our benefit to understand how our is perceived from an outside perspective. Why? So we can keep doing the things we do right even better and improve on them.

1. Google's Review System

If you have used Google to search for a business online, more than likely you have seen their business come up on Google Maps. If the business has filled out their profile, you can see the hours of operations, contact information, website and last but not least, a review left by other Google Users. This is a very useful way to review a business. We're pretty safe to say that most of the people in the United States use Google Maps. So having all of your information in one place is just smart. Google Review System only requires that you are logged into a Google Profile and that the business is listed on Google Maps / Google Plus. What we really like about the Google Review System is that a user can not leave multiple reviews. Of course a person can make multiple Google accounts, but we like to assume that most users do not need 500 profiles just to leave a review. We also like that a user can update their review or change the review up. Maybe to re-word their experience or give a recent update if they have been back recently.

2. Yelp's Review System

Yelps review system is pretty amazing. All that is required to leave a review for a business contains a profile and a listing for the business. Very similar to the review system used by Google. Once you're logged in you can tell other Yelper's, is that what they're called?, about the business and how you were satisfied. What's really cool about Yelp is that there is a list of the same information Google Plus provides, plus most restaurants provide a link to their menu's online. It's very helpful. How this ties into the mortgage industry is simple. It's another place that potential borrowers / clients can learn about a mortgage company and see read a past review from other Yelpers. Ok, we're going to make it what Yelp users are called. We also like the fact that Yelp will not allow a business to buy their way out of hiding or deleting a users bad review. If you do amazing work, this problem will solve itself.

What we do not like about Yelp is the ability to leave multiple reviews for the same business. Why this can be helpful in many ways, it can cause confusion for some.

3. Angie'sList Review System

The review system at Angie's List is very similar to the above mentioned websites. The exception is that you must pay to list your business and go through a kind of background check before you can allow users to use your service's through the website. You must also pay to become a user of the site. The idea here is that providing a little bit of money will somehow ensure that a review is more genuine. Angie's List also wants the business's listed on their site to have all of the appropriate credentials / paperwork needed to run a company in their industry. It was a really smart idea. Since the inception of Angie's List other websites like theirs have become an industry standard. An example would be

4. Zillow's Review System

The review process for Zillow is a bit different as well as the same. Same login to an account and leave a review process. The only difference is that a review, when written by a customer who received a quote on Zillow from the Mortgage Company, holds more credibility. The reason being that a review from a client, who has used their website and the company to obtain a mortgage loan, has gone through the entire process and probably has a really good reason to leave a positive / negative review. It's actually a pretty smart idea. That's why we use it. You can see all of our Zillow Reviews online 24/7.

5. Lending Tree's Review System

Lending Tree is a rare breed of website. It's a mix between Angie's List and Zillow. Where you do not need to have a paid membership, like using Angie's List, in order to use the site you must offer up some information about what you're looking for. If you're looking for a mortgage loan, the website is going to ask you a series of questions in order to provide a lead to a company or to build your profile. It usually does both. Then you're greeted with offers from banks and brokers on the lowest rates available. Where it meets the Zillow review process is that all the reviews are from people that use the site from initial offer to close of the loan.

That's been our review of the 5 best review websites for the mortgage industry. We hope you learned something and we look forward to working with you in the future. Let's help you find your dream home or help you stay in your current dream home. You can always contact us by filling out our form online or by calling us at (702) 696-9900. You can also ask us a question through Facebook and Twitter. Did you know that you can view our rates on Facebook?

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