Spring has Sprung!

March 30, 2019
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Preparing Your Home for Warmer Weather

It’s that time of year again! The Earth is turning beautifully toward the Sun, sweet smelling spring flowers are budding, and our days are getting longer and brighter. Spring time is quickly approaching with the first day of Spring being Monday, March 20th of this year. We’ve set our clocks forward, we’ve done some spring cleaning to make room for fresh bathing suits and hordes of thong flip flops, but what can we do to prepare the exterior of our homes for the Spring & Summer weather that will be arriving within the next warm breeze?

Examine your Lawn

You can begin to prepare your home for the Spring and Summer months by cleaning up your outside area. Go out to your lawn and pick up any fallen branches that may have separated from trees with the weight of the snow that fell this year. Most of us choose not to venture outside more than we have to in the winter months, so there may be new and uninvited lawn décor that has floated onto your property and gone unnoticed until now. Amp up your curb appeal by gathering and getting rid of any debris that might be blowing around your yard.

Excavate your Gutters

Let’s face it, we don’t know what’s in there. The thought of what might have gathered in the gutters during the winter months can be a little bit scary but they have to be dug out at some point, what better time than the Spring? For those of you who get heavy snowfall in the winter, cleaning your gutters is especially important because you want to be sure that the runoff from any melted snow is being released into the right areas. If you’ve got a crack or a leak in your gutters, your basement might be housing an underground pool without your knowledge. Plus, we all know what they say about April showers! Be sure that the gutters have no blockage and are prepared to take on the rain that will bring out May flowers.

Break out the Grill

One of the best ways to take advantage of the changing climate is to do things that you would normally do inside, outside. Warm weather often brings with it the craving for barbeque and social gatherings. Spring Break, Easter, and Memorial Day hold some of the best opportunities to enjoy time with friends and family. Prepare for the festivities by dusting off your grill, buying some fresh coals and lighter fluid from your favorite home goods store, and get ready to take your meals out to the back patio.

Check your Air Conditioning

AC is a must! Here in Las Vegas, the summer heat can be brutal and air conditioning is absolutely necessary. No matter what city you’re in, the sun is about to show up and show out. Check your AC Unit by cleaning it up and replacing any damaged parts. If you’re not exactly AC savvy call up a professional. Clean AC units function better and last longer.







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