Mortgage Rates Falling

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Now is the time to purchase your new home while mortgage rates stay low.

According to Freddie Mac in an article released by MSN:
Mortgage rates fall to lowest level of the year! In April, mortgage rates were dropping and a month later they’re still dropping. So, If you are ready to buy a home, don’t wait too long. Rates may be dropping but, realistically that may not last too much longer.

Here are some great reasons why now is the best time to purchase:

  • Mortgage interest rates are near 40 year lows – This means that mortgage rates are the lowest they have been in nearly 40 years.
  • Home prices are at generational lows, too – Home prices fluctuate, but right now they are far below the prices of 5 years ago. If you’re in the right position to buy a home, why not get started today?
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