Congress has passed H.R. 5981 – FHA Mortgage Insurance Changes…

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This bill gives FHA the authority to adjust its annual mortgage insurance premiums.

While there is both good news and bad news for FHA mortgage applicants, this premium restructuring will help to keep FHA stable in the long run. The up-front mortgage insurance has been lowered considerably. This will mean a smaller bite out of consumer wallets in order to close the loan they have applied for. With todays stricter underwriting to qualify, there is less risk of default by new mortgage holders so this move makes sense. Now for the trade-off…

On the other side of the equation, the cost of the monthly amount of mortgage insurance will increase. This could be interpreted as FHA reserves being replenished at a slower rate than before passage of this bill. With the more stable underwriting lowering the risks, consumers can save some of that money that was needed just to close their loan. You will still end up spending that money but, it will be as a slightly higher monthly payment amount. While this is a fair trade off for many, some folks who are right at the limit for the maximum monthly payment they can qualify for, will have to find a way to lower their loan amount to offset the impact of the higher monthly mortgage insurance premium. This change will be effective for all FHA loan applications started on or after September 7th, 2010. While President Obama has not officially signed the bill into law, no veto is expected.

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  • Mark S. says:

    Wow, you guys really work fast to keep your Realtors informed, thanks!

  • Kevin says:

    No problem, We love to keep our real estate professionals well informed through these tough times as there are many changes happening in the financial world and more specifically the housing market.

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