Mortgage Rates March 17, 2020

Mortgage Headliners: 

Economist predicting emergency rate cut this week…
Negative Interest Rates Unlikely…
Coronavirus economic package in full...
Trump is considers letting homeowners delay mortgage payments...

We’re watching the market closely…

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Mortgage Rates Are on the Rise!

We said it would happen and soon. Average rates have just passed 5%

What we don't know is how far or how fast this Mortgage Rate rise will be. Recent positive indicators for the economy have caused rates to rise. Mortgage Rates parallel Long-Terms Bond Rates and those always rise on positive economic news. It is more important than ever to have your Refinance or Purchase file in the hands of a competent Mortgage Professional! At Valley West Mortgage, we keep a very close watch on rates for our clients. While rates are clearly on the rise, they still have their ups and downs. We watch all of the rate change indicators for potential changes so we can lock rates at the best possible advantage for our clients.

The key to being ready to lock is having a complete file which is ready in every respect. With our clients help, and help from our Realtors on Puchase files, we do everything within our control to make sure that your file is complete, as quickly as possible. In this way, we won't miss any opportunity to secure the best terms possible! Give us a call today so we can help you to succeed even in this unstable market. Remember, Las Vegas is still one of the best buying opportunities in the entire country regardless of current rate fluctuations.

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It Really is Better to Buy than Rent in Las Vegas!

On the upside...

A study was published today by Trulia, a major Real Estate watch site, and Las Vegas is #2 behind only Miami as the best place to buy rather than rent. I'm sure that this will be on most of our Local News stations by this evening. They love to cover the latest Las Vegas Real Estate news.

As we have said before, this is the best opportunity in years to buy a home in Las Vegas! Currently, rates have been fluctuating quite a bit due to market uncertainty. For the past two weeks, rates have finished slightly highger. Don't wait for home prices to "drop a little more" and then find yourself out of position because rates have gone up too much.

Call our professional staff and get the ball rolling today! That way, you will already have provided everything needed in order for us to lock your rate as soon as you have an accepted offer on a property.

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FHA - Mortgage Insurance Premium Update...

Implementation of the new plan is delayed until October 1st.

After announcing last week that it was lowering upfront insurance premiums
from 2.25% to 1.0% on Sept. 7, the Federal Housing Administration said it’s pushing back implementation until October.
“Based on industry feedback and our desire to have this change implemented successfully in the marketplace, FHA will make the premium fee changes on all new case numbers effective October 4, 2010,” said Vicki Bott, Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Housing and Urban Development.

For details on the upcoming changes, see our earlier post, "Congress has passed H.R. 5981 – FHA Mortgage Insurance Changes…" Posted on August 5th, 2010

Congress has passed H.R. 5981 - FHA Mortgage Insurance Changes...

This bill gives FHA the authority to adjust its annual mortgage insurance premiums.

While there is both good news and bad news for FHA mortgage applicants, this premium restructuring will help to keep FHA stable in the long run. The up-front mortgage insurance has been lowered considerably. This will mean a smaller bite out of consumer wallets in order to close the loan they have applied for. With todays stricter underwriting to qualify, there is less risk of default by new mortgage holders so this move makes sense. Now for the trade-off...

On the other side of the equation, the cost of the monthly amount of mortgage insurance will increase. This could be interpreted as FHA reserves being replenished at a slower rate than before passage of this bill. With the more stable underwriting lowering the risks, consumers can save some of that money that was needed just to close their loan. You will still end up spending that money but, it will be as a slightly higher monthly payment amount. While this is a fair trade off for many, some folks who are right at the limit for the maximum monthly payment they can qualify for, will have to find a way to lower their loan amount to offset the impact of the higher monthly mortgage insurance premium. This change will be effective for all FHA loan applications started on or after September 7th, 2010. While President Obama has not officially signed the bill into law, no veto is expected.

If you are considering Strategic Default - Don't!

Lenders are starting to crack down on "Strategic Defaults".

Fannie Mae has announced stiffer penalties to consider if you decide to walk away from a mortgage that you can afford to pay. Starting in the fall, Fannie Mae will disqualify borrowers for a period of seven years if they choose to default on their mortgage even though they have the ability to pay. Fannie Mae also plans to take such borrowers to court to recover loan losses resulting from this type of default.

There is a bill working it's way through Congress that would also prevent you from getting an FHA insured mortgage if you have previously "walked away" from a mortgage. Since it makes sense that you would be viewed by Lenders as a higher risk after taking this action, I think we can expect this bill to pass. We have blogged before about the possibilities of a Short-pay Refi or a Short sale so if you are considering Strategic Default it is time to review other avenues. USA Today has a more in depth article on Strategic Default which will fill you in on the upcoming changes. Click here to read the USA Today article.

House Extends Closing Date for Homebuyer Tax Credit!

Homebuyer Tax Credit Update Effective 6/30/2010 - Waiting for the Bill to be signed!

The U.S. House of Representatives has voted to extend the Home buyer Tax Credit.

The National Association of Realtors said that over 180,000 people would lose their Tax Credit if the extension didn't come through, now we have confirmation that the House of Representatives has extended this closing date to September 30th.

According to the National Association of Realtors what tipped the balance was the people who followed the rules and were still going to be caught without the Home Buyer Tax Credit due to the June 30th closing date. These transactions included some 75,000 short sales, or homes being purchased for less than the existing debt on them.

Dust off those April contracts that could not close by the June 30th deadline! All that remains for the Bill to extend the deadline for closing to September 30th, is one signature!

(from earlier post on 06/16/2010)

If you haven't been informed yet, the Homebuyer Tax Credit has almost ended with less than a month left for First Time Home Buyers and Current Homeowners to close their deals and qualify for the Tax Credit. While this opportunity was a great chance to get hefty Tax Credit from the government ($8,000 for First Time Home Buyers and $6,500 for Home Owners buying and moving into another home), it may be a problem for those who applied near the end of April and are still trying close their loans. Right now, those Tax Credits were set to expire for any loans that had not been closed and funded by June 30th of 2010. You had to have a signed Purchase Contract in place by April 30th. As a result, some Purchases are starting to fall apart because they are "In Contract" before April 30th but they are not able to close by the end of this month.

Many mortgage lenders have been experiencing hard times closing deals that suddenly appeared in April, and many Mortgage Brokers know "some deals just won't close before June 30th."

There is talk of Harry Reid possibly having a proposal which will allow those who have already signed sales contracts, to close and fund by September 30th as an amendment to a Bill already in Congress that would extend jobless benefits for the unemployed through the end of November.

The National Association of Realtors has been pushing very hard for an extension out of an awareness of the difficulty Mortgage Brokers are having with the current deadline of June 30th. Since the entire process of getting a Mortgage now takes a bit longer than it used to, Mortgage and Real Estate Professionals view an extension of the Tax Credit Program as essential.

First-time buyers are eligible for a tax credit of up to $8,000. Current Homeowners who bought and moved into another home can qualify for a credit of up to $6,500.

Alan Greenspan, Former Federal Reserve Chairman on Rates...

Last week, Greenspan wrote an Op-Ed for the Wall Street Journal in which he warns of an inevitable rise in interest rates.

Here is a link to the WSJ's online excerpt for non-subscribers. The second paragraph should be more than enough to tell you that rates will rise and not only that, they MUST rise. To read the entire piece, take advantage of the subscriber link at the end of the excerpt.

So what does this mean to those who want to want to buy or refinance a home?

Rates are not likely to go any lower and home prices are still low. All indicators are pointing to taking action now or missing out! If you are currently in an ARM Loan, you need to refinance now into a fixed rate mortgage. If you are buying and you have been waiting for better rates or better prices, it's time to make a decision!

To get started now, give our professional staff at Valley West Mortgage a call at (888) 931-0007.