Hiring a Contractor For Your Home

Avoiding a renovation nightmare.

If you're planning your next renovation/build or this is your first go, choosing top contractors for your project is critical.

Step 1-Vetting a Contractor

Step 2- Get Multiple Contractor Estimates (Apple to Apples)

Step 3- Checking Past Work

Step 4- Everything in Writing

Make sure your contracts are clear and well written. Consider having a lawyer review the proposed contract for your protection. Things to look for:

Step 5- Right to Cancel

Federal law may require a “cooling off” period, in which you can cancel the contract without penalty.

Step 6- Paying Up-Front

Step 7- Record Keeping

Always keep a paper trail/digital trail of your documents for the entire project. Your file should contain:

Step 8- Take Your Time

From step one you've been "vetting" contractors and it can be overwhelming but:


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