It Really is Better to Buy than Rent in Las Vegas!

On the upside...

A study was published today by Trulia, a major Real Estate watch site, and Las Vegas is #2 behind only Miami as the best place to buy rather than rent. I'm sure that this will be on most of our Local News stations by this evening. They love to cover the latest Las Vegas Real Estate news.

As we have said before, this is the best opportunity in years to buy a home in Las Vegas! Currently, rates have been fluctuating quite a bit due to market uncertainty. For the past two weeks, rates have finished slightly highger. Don't wait for home prices to "drop a little more" and then find yourself out of position because rates have gone up too much.

Call our professional staff and get the ball rolling today! That way, you will already have provided everything needed in order for us to lock your rate as soon as you have an accepted offer on a property.

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Candlelighters of Nevada Event...

Valley West Mortgage was a proud sponsor of “Knock Out Cancer for Candlelighters Kids

on Saturday, November 6th at the Xtreme Couture Gym here in Las Vegas, Nevada. “We strongly believe in supporting efforts that will benefit the community that we live in and Candlelighters of Nevada provides much needed support services for children fighting cancer and their families”. While this event was a lot of fun for everyone and it did raise both money and awareness, the need for funding never goes away. We encourage you to use this link to Candlelighters secure donation page to make a contribution and please, share it with others.

Local business men and good friends, Vinnie Mannino and Pablo Peregrina, have always been fans of Mixed Martial Arts so it seemed like a natural to come up with the idea of fighting each other to raise money for a local charity. Together with the Xtreme Couture trainers & staff, they planned an exciting evening of 12 bouts, featuring everything from boxing to grappling, with the main event being Vinnie “The InVINcible” Mannino and Pablo “The Piranha” Peregrina in the ring, fighting to “knock out” cancer.

Vinnie had this to say after the charity event; “We actually never trained before in boxing nor Mixed Martial Arts”. “ We have just been fans of boxing and decided it would be cool to start training and raise money for the charity”.

Vinnie and Pablo worked hard not just to train for this event but also to secure sponsors for the event, who included:

Host Sponsor: Xtreme CoutureTKO Sponsor: Universal North AmericaHeavyweight Sponsor: All Nevada Insurance, Inc.Middleweight Sponsors: Valley West Mortgage, American Wealth Advisors & Benchmark ConsultingLightweight Sponsors: Stephanie & Jim Bearse, The Liquor Outlet, AAA Insurance and Cambridge Group LTD.

All proceeds from the event benefited Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada, which raised more than $9000.00. This money will help the organization continue in its mission to provide support, education, hope and advocacy through programs and services for children and adolescents with cancer, their families and the professionals who care for them. Some services include, financial assistance, travel for treatment, counseling, support groups, bereavement assistance, medical co-payment program and more! If you would like more information on how you can help Candlelighters of Nevada, please visit their website at or call 702-737-1919…because kid’s can’t fight cancer alone!

Alan Greenspan, Former Federal Reserve Chairman on Rates...

Last week, Greenspan wrote an Op-Ed for the Wall Street Journal in which he warns of an inevitable rise in interest rates.

Here is a link to the WSJ's online excerpt for non-subscribers. The second paragraph should be more than enough to tell you that rates will rise and not only that, they MUST rise. To read the entire piece, take advantage of the subscriber link at the end of the excerpt.

So what does this mean to those who want to want to buy or refinance a home?

Rates are not likely to go any lower and home prices are still low. All indicators are pointing to taking action now or missing out! If you are currently in an ARM Loan, you need to refinance now into a fixed rate mortgage. If you are buying and you have been waiting for better rates or better prices, it's time to make a decision!

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