Mortgage Rates March 16,2020

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Mortgage stress test changes suspended…
Why you can't get that historically low mortgage rate…
Coronavirus sends mortgage rates lower…
Mortgage investors cheer as Federal reserve starts…
Fed funds rate pinned at zero…
Keep your eyes on stock news…
Preparing for Recession…

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Mortgage Rates March 12, 2020

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A flood of mortgage applications drive rates higher...
How the coronavirus outbreak is moving mortgage…
Mortgage rates rise sharply from last week's record low…
Mortgage rates are mixed after hitting all-time lows…
Mortgage demand is so high that lenders turn away…
Coronavirus looms over crucial spring season for housing…
Bonds are responding…

We're watching the market closely...

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Mortgage Rates March 3, 2020

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Mortgage Rates Are Near All-Time Lows As Coronavirus Worries Hit Market
There are 11.1 Million Refi candidates, With $2.99B in Potential Savings
In rare move, Fed issues emergency rate cut to bolster economy from coronavirus
Refinancing Field Day
Low mortgage Rates Push U.S. Property Prices
Mortgage outlook: Rates continue to slide spurred by COVID-19
Falling rates boost refi eligible mortgages
What the virus outbreakmeans for home loans, mortgage rates

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Mortgage Rate Hikes Are On Its Way

If you’re into literature, you know that shortly before his death Julius Caesar was told to “Beware the Ides of March”, and if there were any soothsayers around today, they’d probably be telling us the same thing right about now in relation to mortgage rates. We’re just slightly over a week into this month and though we’ve yet to see that increase in interest rates that has been so heavily discussed by the federal reserve since the beginning of this year, we still know that it’s on its way. And unlike the great Julius Caesar, we need to be prepared for what’s to come.

Janet Yellen, Chairwoman of the Board of Governors for the Federal Reserve, has hinted to a rise in interest rates, specifically in March, several times this year. Our economy has been doing very well in the sense that more people are becoming employed, making money and paying bills. To balance this surge in economic profit, the Federal Reserve has to ensure that the general population doesn’t make so much money that the value of the dollar decreases. Preventing this kind of inflation means raising interest rates to offset the amount of money that will be circulating throughout the country.

Take a look at Janet Yellen’s comment from the Federal Reserve Meeting on March 3:

"Indeed, at our meeting later this month, the committee will evaluate whether employment and inflation are continuing to evolve in line with our expectations, in which case a further adjustment of the federal funds rate would likely be appropriate," she added.

Not only did Yellen tell us that the Fed is to have another meeting regarding this issue this month, she also told us what they plan to evaluate. Like we discussed earlier, if the employment and inflation rates are moving in a positive direction (which they have been for the last few fiscal periods), interest rates will rise (according to the Fed).

For banks, rising interest rates will be a benefit for the next coming months as borrowers will want to purchase and refinance before the rates get too high. In other words, business will be booming as the rates rise to their peaks. For borrowers, getting into the bank to purchase or refinance should be a top priority for obvious reasons. To illustrate, let’s talk about my friend Jeff. Jeff is at home watching the news and he sees that gas will cost twenty more cents per gallon starting tomorrow. Jeff gets up from his couch and goes tonight to put gas in his car and he fills up his tank. Why? Well wouldn’t you want to buy gas today if you knew it would cost more tomorrow? Most borrowers have the same mindset as Jeff when it comes to their homes. If they know it will cost them more to purchase a home in two weeks, they jump on the bandwagon and call one of our Loan Officers today to get the process started and to get a good rate locked down. Needless to say, it’s more advantageous for you as a borrower to capitalize from the opportunity. The rates are going up sooner rather than later and hey, if you can’t beat them, join them. If the Fed is going to capitalize from the growing state of our economy, why shouldn’t you?

So heed the warning of the soothsayer and beware, (or in a less Shakespearian language) just be alert of the ides (usually the middle of the month) of March as it may hold the key to your next refinance or purchase and you don’t want to miss that opportunity.








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It's 2015. That means that we, Valley West Mortgage, want to start doing something more with our time than just offering the lowest rates in Las Vegas, NV and making our clients extremely happy. So we decided to hold our very first contest. We have 4, front row seats, to the January 9th 2015 Tuff-N-Uff: Xtreme Coture vs. Syndicate MMA event at the Orleans Arena.

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U.S. Treasury Yield falls 1.1 points.

Early declines in the 30-year Treasury yield were reversed on Monday, according to Market Watch, with investors being reported of buying long-term treasuries after a low lasting two years.

The yield fell 1.1 points from Friday afternoon, dropping to 2.740 percent down. According to Market Watch, there was talk to language being altered to the policy statement that declares the Fed will maintain lower rates “for a considerable time.” Some believe, say Market Watch, that this action could be indicative of a rate hike sometime within the next six months.

This talk, which was heightened by a strong industrial production on Monday, was not the only change that Monday’s market saw, nor the only waves. According to Market Watch, the two-year yield went up to 0.5854 percent, the five-year yield was up to 1.574 percent, and the 10-year yield moved to a high of 2.136 percent.

The yields to treasury bonds vary inversely with price. For example, it is generally accepted that when the bond rate increases, prices on the market decrease, and vice versa. This could be good for some or for the moment; however, depending on which end of the equation you’re on, you will either benefit from a high yield or high price, which generally don’t go hand in hand. This also is the reasoning that some people suspect this could be an indicator of a price spike soon.

Market Watch also put together a list of other key movements in the market on Monday, including the decline of Greek sovereign debt yields, the rise of the German 10-year Bund Yield, and the ever-falling prices of crude oil.

The Valley West Mortgage 2014 Holiday Party

Our company works very hard. So we play very hard as well. Every year we like to take our staff out for a Holiday Lunch. This year our Holiday Party was at Echo and Rig inside of Tivoli Village. We also present awards and exchange secret santa gifts. We also celebrated our Office Manager's Birthday as well. Enjoy some photo's from the event.

Round 5: Knockout cancer for Candlelighters Kids


Download the Event Postcard Download the Event Copy

Preparing for its fifth year, Knockout Cancer for Candlelighters Kids is an annual MMA event that was created to help raise funds and awareness for Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada.

Candlelighters provides programs and services for local families of children diagnosed with cancer, having helped several thousands of children and families in our community, since the organization was founded in 1978.M

Candlelighters serves approximately 100 families monthly, and as many as 600 families throughout the year. Funds raised by events such as Knockout Cancer for Candlelighters Kids, help the organization provide more than 25 programs to kids and families in need.

Knockout Cancer for Candlelighters Kids continues to build on its efforts to raise more money and make a bigger impact in our community. In the last four years, the event has raised more than $100,000, with this year’s event - featuring MMA and boxing - is certain to take that number even higher.


During Knockout Cancer for Candlelighters Kids first year, there were close to 300 people in attendance. The event was held at Randy Couture's Xtreme Couture Gym, featuring a 10 fight exhibition with up-and-coming amateur fighters. Admission was $25 which included featured fights, food, beverages, entertainment and drawings. During the event, Candlelighters Kids art was auctioned off along with signed memorabilia from Randy Couture and other great fighters. The first annual event raised more than $12,000 for Candlelighters.

This unique fighting experience brings together MMA supporters to enjoy the contact sport while making a difference in the lives’ of families battling childhood cancer. The event continues to grow year after year and has become an annual, signature event for Candlelighters. On the Palms Marquee in 2012 SUCCESSFUL MMA/BOXING EVENT PREPARES FOR FIFTH YEAR MORE THAN $100,000 RAISED FOR CHILDREN WITH CANCER


In its second year, Candlelighters teamed up with Tuff-N-Uff, a local fight promotion company. The partnership allowed 12 fights, sanctioned by the Nevada State Athletic Commissioner, adding a new layer of competition to the event. The event gained a lot of exposure through promotions such electronic billboards ads and media interviews on 840am with Dave and Mahoney and on MMA Junkies’ station, as well as a featured story on both Fox 5 and KLAS 8 News Now. In addition, the charity teamed up with Black Belt television from Los Angeles as well as HD Net which aired the event. Due to these efforts Candlelighters brought in more than $17,000 and had more than 650 people in attendance.


With momentum building and Xtreme Couture close to maximum capacity for the 2011 event, it was time to explore new options for Knockout Cancer for Candlelighters Kids. To better accommodate increased attendance, food and beverage vendors, and sponsors we held the third annual event at The Palms in The Pearl Theater on October 11, 2012. There were nearly a
dozen fights, along with a silent auction. The event raised more than $34,000 for Candlelighters.


Our fourth year event was held on October 3rd at the Orleans Arena and featured MMA and boxing matches, giving the crowd a diverse show of great fights. We raised nearly $40,000 during the event, helping push our total funds raised over $100,000. Funds were raised from sponsorships, donations, ticket sales, and a silent auction that included items donated from local businesses and the UFC.

Round 4: Knockout Cancer was a huge success.

Thursday October 3rd, 2013. The Orleans Arena. Las Vegas, NV.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls. Are You Ready?" is what you would of heard if you attended this years knockout cancer for candle lighter kids. There was a line waiting for the main gates to open. They Orleans Arena staff had a hard time kicking us out. That's how much fun this event was expected to be an turned out to be.

ANyways, here are some pictures. We'll have more for you later.